4/3 SOOW Rubber Cord Outdoor Flexible Wire Cable


Sold in 5 ft increments up to 245 ft
Sold in 250 ft Coils
Sold in 500 ft Coils
Sold in 1000 ft Reels

Per 5 ft | 4 GA AWG | 3 Conductors | SOOW | 600V | Stranded | 90° C | Copper Conductor |  CSA Flexible Cord C 22.2-49 | OSHA Accepted | MSHA Approved 


3 Conductors Black, White, and Green
Stranded 133/25
Soft Drawn Copper 600V
90° C
Rubber EPDM Insulation
.94 OD
APPLICATIONS: SOOW Portable Power Cable is for use with Portable Power Tools, Equipment, Appliances, Small Motors and associated Machinery where Flexibility is required 

PLEASE NOTE: We can’t accept returns on any cut wire unless we have made a mistake in the cut, shipped the wrong item, or if the wire is defective in any way.  On all Rubber Cord, unlike NM-B that has a bare ground, this DOES NOT have a bare ground.  So, a 2 Wire Rubber Cord has a Black and White only, a 3 Wire Rubber Cord has a Black, White, and Green only, and a 4 Wire Rubber Cord has a Black, White, Green and Red only. 

Weight N/A
Wire Length:

5 to 120 ft

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